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We directed three Premium Fashion Brand films for Westfield's Autumn Winter Collection based around the themes of Ladylike, Sixties and Print Clash.

Westfield A/W Collection

Fashion Films

Branded Content



Post Production


Direction - Kin

Producer - Belinda Mayne

DP - Jan Reichle

Edit - Kin

Music Composition - Brendan Woithe

Audio Design - Brendan Woithe


As part of Westfield’s multi-platform Autumn/Winter Fashion Brands Campaign we directed three fashion films as well as a variety of HOW TO and Fashion Focused content pieces.

The three Premium Fashion spots – Ladylike, 60’s and Print Clash feature choreographed scenarios paying tribute to a variety of eras and the Westfield Fashion Brands inspired by them.

The campaign included a mix of bespoke sets and choreography developed for them. A 60’s inspired dance routine featured a giant, purpose-built revolving record player. Mirrored walls 'reflected' mirrored choreography and bold fashion prints whilst another spot occurred entirely within a purpose-built elevator reminiscent of the ‘Mad Men’ era.

The large-scale production was shot over 2 action-packed days requiring ninja-like organisation and strong, decisive direction. Our 3 dancers excelled at the choreography, developed by choreographer Leah Howard.

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