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We created this 4 part content series for The North Face, featuring top Australian climbers, Ben and Lee Cossey. The brothers return to an epic climbing route they bolted and tried to climb nearly 15 years ago... but will they or the conditions comply?

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The North Face 'Bergurk'

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BERGURK is a climbing project bolted by brothers Ben and Lee Cossey nearly 15 years ago. Its 3 pitches, climb 150 meters of wildly overhanging, bullet-hard limestone deep in Bungonia Gorge, NSW. If the climb is completed, it will surely be one of the best, hard, multi-pitch climbs in the country. At least, that’s how Ben and Lee remember it.

In truth, neither Ben nor Lee have returned to try the route for more than a decade. Life has taken them in different directions and the once simple goal of wanting to climb it together, on the same day, has been difficult to realise.

This story is a behind-the-scenes view of a weekend away, where Ben and Lee return to Bungonia Gorge. Their goal; to dust off the cobwebs and re-familiarise themselves with the project, hoping to get an idea of what’s involved and set in motion the steps necessary to finish it off. But.. best-laid plans don’t always go as smoothly as you'd like.

Up against it from the outset, but driven by Lees's “there is no cancel” attitude, they press on, determined to give their project a go, no matter what... cue flash floods.

Check out this 4 part series created by our sister-company
RUMBLR, and share the adventure alongside an energetic... and enthusiastic, Ben and Lee.