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LG + SDC + Keyy Productions


Directing. Edit


Sydney Dance Company's contemporary dance performance 'ab [intra]' , supported by LG Signature Series,  desired a set of films to highlight their special partnership.


Production Company - Keyy Productions
Producer - Paige Gardiner

Director - Nathan Drabsch / Kin

DP - Bradley J Conomy

AC - Louis Lau

Photographer - David Boon

Gaffer - Steve Schofield

Steadicam - Steve Cahill

Edit - Kin

VFX and Compositing - Kin

Grade - Bradley J Conomy

Audio - Nick Wales


SDC Artistic Director - Rafael Bonachela

SDC Choreographer - Rafael Bonachela

SDC Dancer - Chloe Leong
SDC Dancer - Emily Seymour
SDC Dancer - Liam Green

Music Composition - Nick Wales

Sydney Dance Company

As the Major Sponsor of Sydney Dance Company's ab [intra]  season, LG wanted to create a set of films to promote the partnership and draw parallels between the performance and the LG Signature Series of products. Keyy Productions managed the production of the project for their client LG, and asked us to direct the films for this campaign.

Exploring our primal instincts, our impulses and our visceral responses, ab [intra] is a journey through the intensity of human existence. Working with SDC Artistic Director, Rafael Bonachela, we chose two performance pieces which were then cut down and adapted to suit the short form content. The aim was to capture the purity of the dancer's performance and parallel it with the sophistication of the world's first rollable TV, the LG Signature Series OLED R.

Edits were done to excerpts of Nick Wales' beautiful music compositions. It was a true pleasure to work with the SDC team and to immerse ourselves in the beauty and passion of the choreography and performance. A true delight.

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