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Client - Sunday Somewhere
Client Creative Director - Dave Allison
Client Marketing Director - Cameron Parker

Director - Kin
DP - Kin
Edit - Kin

Grade - Kin


We had the pleasure of creating a series of campaign films for our good friends at Sunday Somewhere. The campaign, ‘Off The Radar’ was shot over two days throughout some AMAZING locations around Ubud and Uluwatu, Bali.

Sunday Somewhere has a relaxed vibe with a premium edge. Discovery, enjoyment and the ‘experience’ are all mantra’s for this now incredibly successful Australian label.

Stills photography for the whole season's range and campaign was taken by Scott Lowe with our films complimenting the mix of locations and styles.

Check out some of the 'Behind the Scenes' action at the bottom of the page.

Rice Fields

Filmed in 'exotic' rice fields on the outskirts of Ubud, Bali, this was pretty far from glamorous to film. If you know anything about rice fields, you'd know they are wet and full of crap... like, lots of crap. But, we pushed past the poo and an army of mosquitoes to grab some lovely shots. A big shout out to our talent, who managed to avoid looking like they were ankle-deep in festering mud.

Behind the Scenes

We love working closely with our clients and we were fortunate to have a dream team with this shoot. We were in Bali for about a week; the 5 of us – Dave, Cam, Scotty, Brecon and Nathan.

We started our time in Seminyak, basing ourselves there for 2 days of casting and location scouting. In our downtime, we got to sample Canggu's famous beachbreaks.

We scouted in-land around Ubud, settling on a waterfalls, rice fields and one of the world’s greatest infinity pools, The Hanging Gardens of Bali.

From Ubud, we then traversed the amazing Bukit coastline – Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin and Balangan beaches. Big days, followed by great nights. Our client, as part of a brand alignment initiative, organised for 4 nights accommodation at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort and Sundays Beach Club. Shooting at the resort and nearby was incredible.

Filming itself took place over three 16 hour days. Solid, but rewarding. We're extremely grateful for such an incredible experience.

Sunday Somewhere


Directing. Production. Post


We created a series of video content for optical fashion label, Sunday Somewhere. Shot on location in Bali, Indonesia. Chilled AF.

Sunday Somewhere

Poolside Paradise

Now this location was more like it! Poolside at the famous Hanging Gardens of Bali Resort in Ubud. This particular spot is considered to have one of the world's best infinity pools. True story.