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SBS Australia needed to bring their branding and graphics toolkits into a more sophisticated space whilst solving multiple aesthetic, function and usage challenges. Fortunately, this is what we do.

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Creative Direction - Kin

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SBS Australia needed help to revive its branding expressions and solve a mixture of issues related to the practical function and ongoing usage of the aesthetic and brand communications on-air and off. We worked with the team to identify the weaknesses and problematic systems, and over time developed a cohesive and functional brand kit that stayed true to the core brand and branding which was still desired.

The original branding drew heavily upon a concept of the topographic landscape and whilst this foundation helped development, it needed to evolve and align with a broader SBS brand aesthetic and conceptual framework. Having to maintain the same font, a need for super simple typographic layout with room for flex and a very large colour palette proved a challenging base to build on. However, we developed a simple, sophisticated and unified toolkit that works across media platforms. Through careful consultation and assessment, we developed a path that built on the brand foundation and met the practical needs to multi-platform brand communications.

Early Developments

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