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Nivea via VML


Directing. Production. Post


We were the production and post partner for these playful Nivea Men's content pieces written and developed by VML.

Nivea Skin vs Wild

Creative Direction




Post Production


Creative Direction VML - Chris Scott

Creative Direction - Kin

Copywriting - VML
Production - Kin
Directing - Kin
DP - Mick Jones

Post Production - Kin


We directed, produced and provided post-production in this partnership with Sydney digital agency VML to create a series of content pieces for NIVEA MENS Creme.

The campaign, ‘Skin Vs Wild’ was developed based on initial creative and scripting from VML. The social content campaign revolved around the character of Jack Foster and the variety of ‘wilderness’ scenarios where he is able to pull through with the help of Nivea Men Creme. We helped develop the scripts further and created a treatment that tied in with the Nivea brand and its parallel campaigns.

Our damn fine production team pulled off a great one-day shoot which enabled us to hit the edits and post straight away. A fast and furious turnaround and a developing campaign strategy meant we had to work flexibly. The agency and the client were thrilled with the level of execution and the great outcomes of the campaign on release.