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Client - Infiniti Motors
Agency - Curiious
Co-Director - Fabio Nardo (Curiious)
EP - Simone Barker
Producer - Rona Lewis

Director - Kin
Creative Direction - Kin
Design & Animation - Kin
DP - Matt Stewart ACS
3D & VFX - Cutting Edge
Grade - Trish Cahill
Music Composition - Eden Music


We were fortunate enough to work with Curiious, on the launch of the Infiniti Motors Q50 high-performance executive vehicle.

We slotted in with the Curiious team providing lead Creative Direction for the Geneva International Motor Show. This included co-directing the launch film, motor show visuals and support content. We developed extensive written treatments, director treatments and creative directions, with a focus on the Infiniti Q50 as the Ultimate Performance Partner. Our involvement then extended to design, edit and animation (excluding the vehicle 3D) for Geneva and a run of 3 other International Car Shows (Paris, Detroit & Shanghai) focused on the Q50.

The reveal film was shot in Queenstown, New Zealand. Our talent had to cycle, climb and run through the mountains to reflect the power and performance of the Q50. This was all to reflect the Q50 itself... without having the actual car to shoot with. All 13 car shots are full CG/VFX shots directed to reflect the lakes and mountains of NZ and Geneva, leading to a journey through a mountan tunnel, providing transition to the live car reveal.

Designed for Experience

The film was directed, shot and treated specifically for the live show stage - a massive LED wall canvas stretching approx 65ft wide and 20ft high.

The car reveal was achieved by a section of the screen rising up and the car driving onto the stage. Visuals (a tunnel sequence) were projection-mapped to bring the screen content into the real-life reveal.
The brief had specified we shoot content above 6K, refrain from fast camera action (so as to avoid viewer motion sickness), limit camera lenses and avoid shooting with significant depth of field.

Despite these production constraints, the film translated incredibly well to the large scale canvas. Kin worked with the motor show on-site teams to test, fine tune and adapt screen content for the launch and subsequent motor shows. All told, we worked on supporting the project for over 12 months and for over 5 different international motor shows.

We were thrilled to work on such a great run of projects with the incredible team at Curiious. Seeing the creative and the film play out live on the huge canvas and to be so well received was incredibly satisfying.

Behind the Scenes

A two-day shoot. Big client. Large crew. No car. Single talent. Bad weather. Challenge accepted.

It was an amazing experience to shoot in Queenstown, New Zealand. Thanks to the amazing Rona Lewis (Producer) we had an exceptional crew led by the one and only master-DP, Matt Stewart.


We had a couple of days of recce prior to a 2 day shoot around the winding roads of Queenstown's 'The Remarkables' and surrounding clifftops. Highlights included hurtling down the cliffside on the back of a flat-bed, multiple 30ft crane constructs off the side of cliffs, relocating entire shoot due to bad weather, white-out fog and makeshift green screens in a paddock.

But despite the wet, the wind and the land of the long white cloud living up to its namesake... it turned out to be perfect!

Check out some of the BTS pics and clips below.