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IGNI / Chef Aaron Turner


Branding. Directing. Production. Post


This film profiles the award-winning chef, Aaron Turner, as he reflects on the first year since opening his restaurant, IGNI, in Geelong, regional Victoria Australia.

IGNI Restaurant Film

Film Content


Client - IGNI / Aaron Turner

Directing - Kin

DP - Kin

Production - Kin

Edit - Kin

Grade - Kin

Stills Photography - Julian Kingma


This quite intimate and candid film profiles the exceptionally talented Australian chef, Aaron Turner as he reflects upon the lead into the first year opening of his restaurant, IGNI,  in regional Victoria (Geelong).

One year into operation, and many accolades later, Aaron published a book that explored this journey with a profound rawness. The journey has been exquisitely captured through the amazing photography of award-winning, Australian photographer, Julian Kingma.

The film explores Aaron’s fears and concerns as he embarked on running a restaurant again after a period of self-imposed hiatus. The film also explores the processes that Julian undertook to capture the imagery for the book. Beautiful, dark, inky… captivating.

Aaron is a dear, old friend and we really hoped the film did his journey justice. We appreciate his vulnerability and honesty. Well done Aaron, you are a true inspiration.