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Humane Society International Australia


Design. Motion. Digital


We worked with The Humane Society International Australia in the development of their Shark Champions campaign highlighting the appalling and lethal reality of shark culling in Queensland, Australia.

HSI Shark Champions

Campaign Identity

Video Assets
Social Assets
Digital Assets


HSI Comms Manager - Rhiannon Cunningham
Design - Kin

Animation - Kin

Audio Design - Ryan Burrows


The Shark Champions Campaign and The Shark Tracker developed by Humane Society International Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society, was developed to highlight the impact of shark culling on all marine life. The campaign is specifically updated with data from Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in order to shine a spotlight on the appalling reality that exists just below the surface of Queensland’s ocean waters as a direct result of the lethal shark culling of sharks. Though touted as a way to keep swimmers safe, nets and lethal drumlines provide only a false sense of security at a great cost to marine life.

We worked with HSI to develop a campaign identity and assets for use across video, social and digital. A mini-toolkit was also developed, along with a strategic approach to monthly updates. As the campaign continues, HSI provides live updates via The Shark Tracker with the campaign assets also updating to reflect the numbers.


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