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Humane Society Australia


Creative Direction. Directing. Design. Motion


Humane Society Australia needed us to develop a campaign concept and associated creative assets to raise awareness and prompt action regarding the extinction threat facing our Australian native animals.

Humane Society

Campaign Creative



Audio Design

Social & Digital Assets


HSI Comms Manager - Rhiannon Cunningham

HSI Fundraising manager - Kelsey Olsen

Concept Creative - Kin

Copywriting - Kin

Design - Kin

Motion - Kin

Audio - Ryan Burrows


Humane Society Australia desired a fresh take to communicate the existential threat facing the native wildlife of Australia. We partnered with the HSI team to develop a campaign concept that was less confrontational and provided a point of difference from their usual comms. The concept is based on the idea that although some things in life come back, some things actually don't. And when they are gone, they are gone forever. Some things truly don't come back.

Developed for social, the campaign required multiple videos, digital and social assets as well as a suite of GIF loops. With cut-through in mind, the package is engaging and challenging with a clear CTA for a cause that really matters.

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