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Hermitude / Elefant Traks


Photography. Design. Typography


Australian electronic-hip hop duo Hermitude released their album - Mirror Mountain. They asked us to develop the creative, cover art and design aesthetic for the album.

Hermitude Album Art





Hermitude - Luke Dubs & El Gusto

Elefant Traks

Sculpture Artist - Kayo Yokoyama

Photography - Kin

Typography & Design - Kin

Album and Merch Design - Jack Tierney/Elefant Traks


When the Hermitude guys needed some work done for their new album, we were keen to get involved. Kin helped with the production of the album photography and developed the key typography for the album. Sculpture Artist Kayo Yokoyama collaborated, with this set of sculptural works perfectly aligned with the album title - Mirror Mountain. We then worked with artist and musician Claire Nakazawa to photograph the core images.

In addition, we designed a set of typographic treatments and cover designs to be used across the album, single releases and other album/tour associated merch and marketing. These were then used by the label (Elefant Traks) to roll out all the assets.

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