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The Future Proof performance film has been a defining piece of work for Kin. Loved and shared around the globe, this experimental piece exploring human emotion and connections continues to resonate with audiences.

Future Proof Film

Director - Nathan Drabsch

DP - Simon Chapman

Producer - Briony Luschwitz

Design - Kin

Edit - Kin

Grade - Kin

Studio - The DMCI

Music Composition - Mark Brandis


Sarah Seville
Natasha Marconi
William Sanchez
Christopher Van Doren
Amy Campbell
Charles Bartley
Thi Nguyen


Our experimental, dance performance film, FUTURE PROOF, was originally conceived and created in 2011. On release, it swiftly became a signature piece of work and continues to enjoy much success, well beyond its original screening as the opening film for an ANZ Promax BDA Conference.

Since its launch, the film has featured in numerous international film and motion festivals, been awarded a coveted VIMEO STAFF PICK, and included on STASH alongside a variety of other online publications. It continues to be loved and shared and we are very proud of the success and recognition that this piece has received.

The film focuses on people, identity, the expression of self and the interactions between each other. Timeless qualities that are relevant to all people, no matter what the future holds. The focus is on the dancers as they create and interact with abstract forms in a vast unknown world. Their own actions determine the creation and final destruction of these elements. Cycles of interaction come full circle, and all that remains is the individual.

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