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Destination NSW


Directing. Production. Content. Stills.


We developed suites of video content and photographic libraries for Destination NSW's Regional 'Feel New' Campaigns exploring the regions of Lake Macquarie, Edward River, Bathurst and the Upper Blue Mountains.

DNSW Regional Campaigns

Video Content

Stills Photography

Content Libraries


Creative Direction - Kin

Directing - Kin

Production - Kin

Producer - Joel Hagen, Kin
DP - Kin
DP (Lake Macquarie) - Spencer Frost
Stills - Reece McMillan
Stills (Blue Mountains) - Kamil Sustiak

Copywriting - DNSW


We worked with Destination NSW to create content libraries for their 'Feel New' Regional Tourism Campaigns. DNSW had developed marketing partnerships with NSW Regional teams, providing frameworks for production of assets along with supply and creation of these assets to populate regional online portals along with other social and digitial initiatives.

Kin provided total production and saw us exploring parts of NSW focusing on specific demographic hit points identified by DNSW and the local teams. Whether it be for families, older couples, friendship groups or younger inner-city types looking for something different; each region had plenty to offer.

Lake Macquarie

The Lake Macquarie region, just south of Newcastle, provided a great platform for creating a suite of content focused on Family Weekends and Day Trips for Retirees.

Edward River

South Western NSW, from Hay & Deniliquen to Moama on the Murray River, was the setting for some local exploration for Older Couples and Friends.