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Destination NSW


Directing. Production. Content. Stills.


Summer in Sydney becomes lively with DNSW's Open For Lunch event. We directed video and stills teams across 5 separate sites for one long lunch in December.

DNSW Open For Lunch

Creative Direction


Art Direction


Creative Direction - Kin

Production - Acuity

EP - Joel Hagen
DP - Various
Stills - Various


Destination NSW has developed a single-day, long lunch event extravaganza which stretches across 5 sites, 4 of which run down a closed-off George Street in the centre of the Sydney CBD. Along with our large-scale production partner, Acuity, we were awarded the project of capturing the energy of these events in stills photography and video. We worked together to oversee 5 separate production teams: directors, dps, stills photographers, producers and talent.

Each themed site has live entertainment and lunch provided by some of Sydney's top restaurants and chefs - it's fairly wild with production aiming to minimise impact whilst authentically capturing the experience.