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Campaign Creative

Creative Direction



Key Art Stills

Post Production


Creative Direction - Kin

Stylist - Adam Powell

Retouching - Kin

Post Production - Kin


For the launch of the CommBank Goal Tracker App we developed some fun and dynamic creative that explored some everyday goals - Travel and Moving. We utilised a flat lay aesthetic that allowed us to create static hero imagery and stop-motion animation in various framings for online, digital and social.

Art direction was key, creating something visually striking and interesting, whilst aligning closely to the CommBank brand identity. A flexible, large-scale, master stop-motion piece was created for Travel and Moving, piecing the flat lay captures into a single, flexible video that worked across 16x9, 1x1 and 9x16 ratios. The same approach was taken for the static key art, creating large, print-ready master images. Hands & App content was shot separately and composited with the hero videos and static images.

In addition, we created a set of infinite loops, similar to cinemagraphs, for use on social channels and others.

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For over 5 years Kin has provided a range of creative services and production support to Commbank’s in-house Creative Services team.   

We've had the privilege of working across marketing, creative, and production for multiple pillars and segments of the bank, slotting in when needed, to provide creative and production support to the Creative Services team on a project-by-project basis.

Our partnership is a prime example of how we can manage complete creative, from brief to cross-platform output, whilst also being able to slot in and provide very specific supplementary services and support to the in-house team when and as needed.


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