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Commonwealth Bank updated its branding and commissioned us to bring the new look to life through the development of a Photographic Brand Library.

CommBank Photo Library

Photographic Library



CBA Senior Brand Manager - Andy Sutherland

CBA Marketing Manager, Brand - James Plummer

CBA Senior Manager, Creative Services - Adam Levee

CBA Creative Services Manager - Brittany Kettlewell

CBA Creative Services Manager - Sarah Downs

Photographer - James Horan

Creative Direction - Kin

Production - Kin

Producer - Henry Richardson

Post Production - Kin


CommBank tasked us to provide a photographic library tied to their updated brand positioning and referencing a series of key business pillars. We teamed up with Photographer James Horan, whose polished yet relaxed personal style was suited to Commbank’s updated approach. The photographic project required us to fully produce and post-produce the creation of 80 ‘hero-images’. Creative scenarios and subject matters were developed to reflect specific pillars of the bank, a variety of customer bases and the projected needs for brand-based image use.

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