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TEDx Sydney


Creative Direction. Directing. Design. Motion


AEON is an abstract, animated short film exploring the themes of life and growth. Originally created for TEDxSydney.

AEON Short Film

Animated Short Film


Creative - Kin

Design - Kin

Animation - Kin

Music Composition - Mark Brandis / ISM

Audio - ISM Studios


AEON is an animated short film directed, designed and animated by KIN via The DMCI, for the 2013 TEDxSydney conference.

AEON explores the concepts of life and growth, loosely represented in an abstract and cyclical journey through the natural seasons as a reflection of the seasons of life.

AEON received a 2013 AEAF Award for Motion along with being a Vimeo STAFF PICK piece. It has since been shared and featured in festivals worldwide.

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